Book Review: The Little Prince

Only the children know what they are looking for.

Admit it! We all drew something when we were children. Only we know the meaning of those drawings because in most of the cases they are not understandable for grownups. Children see the world differently unlike grownups, who see the world as it is. Children has the power of imagination that they lose when they became grownups. Talk to a grownup and he will only be interested in figures.

kids have this curiosity that they never let go of a question. All kids are born the same but when they become individuals they become interested in strange things. In one word they become materialistic. Only children can appreciate abstract things without judging them.

The Little Prince book cover
The Little Prince book cover

The author very succinctly portrays childhood and talks about different characters of grownups in the society. He also questions our prejudices, imperialism (social condition at the time of writing this book), politicians and scholars. He also mentions the people who do their work without giving importance to the result(Karma). He communicates the importance of friendship.

The book inherently tells what we miss in our lives, imagination. It also tells that everything good comes to a close. The book is a gift to our childhood.

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can find the book in Goodreads: The Little Prince

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