Locked up thought

What do we think when we think of locking. A physical locking that involves locking of a door. Or locking a person as a form of punishment if we are talking about more disturbing things. Every year prisons are filled with criminals. Some of them are facing punishments for crimes they have committed. Some others are facing punishments for raising their voice against injustice. Governments are always eager to curb the protests rather than solve the problem. What they do not understand is that they can keep people in prison but not ideas.

Ideas never die image
Ideas never die

In the twenty-first century we are all chest thumping that we have achieved world peace. But the human development indices says otherwise. There are some governments which control the internet in their country. Hell! There are even governments that smother whistle-blowers, reporters or anybody who is against them. In some countries human rights are a joke. We will achieve total prosperity only when we pave way for differential opinions, preserve human rights and the rights of minorities.

Only then, can the bird of thought be truly free.

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