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Earth POV

A boy goes to school everyday (Really! what’s so strange about that). He lives with his family in a small village. In the village the main source of income for the villagers is farming. Nearby there is a city which has so many industries. Government wants to expand the industrial area into the village and that would mean occupying the villagers farming lands. For industrial expansion and for the needs of industries river water is important. The nearby river to the industrial area cuts through two states. The states went to court to settle their claim on the river water.

One of those states acts as the eastern border of our country. Another country with which our country shares border has civil unrest. Lot of people from other country enter our country through border to take refuge. Some legally, some illegally. The two countries belong to two groups of nations. They had a dispute over natural resources. The two groups have different economic and political ideologies. Both the groups are developed economically but left the environment to rot. Now what was an ice cap once became water, what was a water reserve once became land, what was a land once became desert.

One day a Meteorite has fallen in the desert. Scientists have observed and found that it is one of the meteorites of the natural satellite of our nearest planet. Recently a planet has been reclassified as dwarf planet with regard to the recent advancements of information of its mass and orbital motion. It is believed that the sun is formed when a giant cloud called nebula collapsed. Much of the mass concentrated at the centre formed into sun and other dust flattened and became planets and solar system. Sun is one of the 100 billion(estimated) stars in our milky way. There are around 200 billion galaxies in the observable Universe. Some speculate multiverses with in the same space-time continuum.

Calvin and Hobbis cartoon
Calvin and Hobbes cartoon

Earth to us is its people, natural resources, ecosphere, biodiversity and its sustainability. Earth to the Universe is that it is a just tiny speck in its entirety. As Carl Sagan puts “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

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Daily Prompt Earth



Locked up thought

What do we think when we think of locking. A physical locking that involves locking of a door. Or locking a person as a form of punishment if we are talking about more disturbing things. Every year prisons are filled with criminals. Some of them are facing punishments for crimes they have committed. Some others are facing punishments for raising their voice against injustice. Governments are always eager to curb the protests rather than solve the problem. What they do not understand is that they can keep people in prison but not ideas.

Ideas never die image
Ideas never die

In the twenty-first century we are all chest thumping that we have achieved world peace. But the human development indices says otherwise. There are some governments which control the internet in their country. Hell! There are even governments that smother whistle-blowers, reporters or anybody who is against them. In some countries human rights are a joke. We will achieve total prosperity only when we pave way for differential opinions, preserve human rights and the rights of minorities.

Only then, can the bird of thought be truly free.

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Daily prompt Locked

Fog of advice

It is always better to consult others for advice, they say. But I came to know that the more I consulted others for advice the more I am confused. Mind you, I am not saying it is wrong to take others advice. We should take the advice of others. But we need to remember that it’s we, who are going to face the consequences. The advisors may not be able to comprehend our situation. With too many advices our mind could be fogged. But we should come out of it and follow our heart like the sun rising on a foggy morning.

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Daily prompt – Fog

Faking happiness

They say we will be happy with our well wishers.
My relatives, In family dinners say they are happy for me for the life I am leading.
My friends drinking coffee in cups of plastic, laughs and say they are happy for my career.
My colleagues say that they are happy that I got promoted.
My constituency contestant says he is happy to announce the creation of jobs once he is elected.

But I am not happy being with them.

I wish a man comes to me and say, “Until now, You are in Matrix Neo, everything around you is fake“.

You are in matrix, Neo! image
You are in matrix, Neo!

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